Visionary, shamanic and with enough forward-thinking production to avoid the cliched trappings of many world music releases. This is innovative, fresh and at points, frantic! 


A heady Afro-futurist workout summoning bass, jazz and even field recordings, featuring guest spots from the likes of Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd and Clap! Clap! Not some twee world steez - this some future shit!


On The Corner is a local label with a global outlook, bringing together a fusion of raw sounds from off the corners worldwide. Run with love by record collector and DJ Pete Buckenham, each release is carefully crafted and highly personal, and it’s a delight to discover gems on such uncharted territory.

“I called it on the corner sessions because it was that idea that Miles Davis had with the album ‘On The Corner’, y’know the whole cut ’n’ paste thing – street music and funk. It was almost the birth of hip-hop techniques; there was a bit of Stockhausen thrown in as well as the kinda psychedelic funk and stuff.”


12" vinyl LP. Released July 20, 2018


1.Father and Grandpa ft. Gabin Dabire 03:20    
2.Khalab ft Tenesha The Wordsmith - Black Noise ft. Tenesha The Wordsmith 03:30    
3.Dense ft. Shabaka Hutchings & Tommaso Cappellato 03:14 video
4.Chitita 03:50    
5.Yaka Muziek 03:35    
6.Bafia ft Tamar Collocutor 03:24    
7.Zaire 03:03    
8.Shouts ft. Prince Buju 03:11    
9.Cannavaro ft. Clap! Clap! 03:38    
10.Dawn ft. Moses Boyd 03:11    

Khalab - Black Noise 2084 - On The Corner - Local / World / Bass / Beats


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