That's right, GGHQ have dropped another sublime episode of other-worldly sonics on us, this time emanating from Western Finland. Deep as the abyss itself, Vesu invites us into his spatial 4th world chamber and boy oh boy is it most welcome. Big tip on this one! Direct from the source... 


Vesa-Matti Kivioja has been making waves as an integral part of the multi-faceted Ljudverket & Meltdown Deejays crews in his native Finland for many years. His productions merge 80's ambient & library stylings with John Hassell-esque soundscaping, live percussions and vintage drum-computer programming drenched in fathoms deep kaleidoscopic dubbing and mixing. This particular EP is all of the above, the sound of rural Western Finland thawing after the hard-bitten winter months, each track inspired by Kivioja's fascination with various species of lizard, hence the EP & track titles. 


Recorded by Vesa-Matti Kivioja in Vaasa, Finland in 2018. Featuring artwork & insert by Ville Hiltunen & Superplus. Mastered by Keith Tenniswood in London, 2019.



A1    Red-eyed Wood Lizard    
A2    Seven-lined Ameiva    
A3    Tree Runner    
B1    Wandering Grass Lizard    
B2    Solitary Anole    
B3    Bogota Anadia


Snippets HERE


12" vinyl single, released July 19 2019.

Vesu (Vesa Matti) - List Of Lizards EP - Going Good - Ambient / Dub


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