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In The Mix... With Whip+Lash

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

whip+lash records comic
In The Mix... With Whip+Lash

Whip+Lash is a new London-based label for electronic music headed up by Claire Voyant (our in house shop manager and one half of SOUVENIR) and producers Duncan Thornley and LJ Horstman aka Weird Weather (NTS / MAP Studio). Their focus is on spirited, off-centre dance music bordering on industrial, dub, wave and bass.

To launch the label, the track Tongue Drum will be released as a teaser available from Thursday 27th June on limited 10" dubplate, exclusive to Rye Wax. Tongue Drum is "...a masterful excursion into delay drenched electronics" [Ran$om Note] and the as-yet-unreleased track which has already been favourited by Jon K on his Boomkat End of 2018 list.

To celebrate the release of the dubplate we asked the Whip+Lash crew for a special mix, so here it is. The label say: "the mix is a hour of the rough-and-tumble sounds we love at the label and features Tongue Drum plus tracks from Tribe of Colin, Smersh, DJ Wonder, Ruff Cherry and Gudrun Gut."

Tongue Drum preview:

Check out the Whip+Lash Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud for the latest updates.


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