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Talking Shop with Elkka

Since 2016, Elkka has been striving to shine a light on femme identifying and forward thinking musicians and producers via her imprint Femme Culture (co-run with good friend Ludo), all the while moving between genres in her own production. From releasing the likes of Octo Octa and Anastasia Kristensen to recently garnering the attention of unwavering rave soothsayer Pete Tong as one to watch in 2019, Elkka has been steadily making waves in all the right ways.

Ahead of her basement appearance on Friday as part of the Boukan Records debut London show, we caught up with Elkka to ask her about her year so far and what's coming up in 2019...

Hi Elkka, you recently did the Against the Clock challenge for Fact magazine. How did you feel it went?

Well it’s quite a well known feature and so I was pretty nervous about it! I also really wanted to do something that had meaning or message behind it which is why I chose to base it around a sample from an iconic speech made by gay rights activist Sylvia Rivera.

Other than keeping the metronome on the entire time, which I was totally oblivious to at the time, i think it’s pretty good and really proud the finished track which you can now check out online.

Other than making a hot track, what else can you confidently smash in less than 10 minutes?


The Femme Culture output is deliciously varied, with releases bouncing between electronic pop, global club music flavours and more. Obviously the mission statement is all about championing women in music, but is there a sound you find yourself drawn towards when going through demos?

Not really. Ludo (who I co-run the label with) and I are very open minded and both have quite different tastes at times but we often agree when something is great! Yes we do veer towards more electronic music but we are definitely keen to keep the output varied and of the highest quality - which is essential.

Elkka and Ludo - (all photo's by Alex Lambert)

Any chance you could give us a hint as to what to expect from FC in 2019?

Lots that I can’t talk about quite yet sadly, but our next release comes from a super talented artist from Paris called Jim Casanova. Look out for his single which drops beginning of March!

As a vocalist and producer, does writing some fresh lyrics trigger an Ableton session or vice versa?

I don’t really have an order of things when writing but it’s rare that I would write lyrics before any music has been created. Normally the lyrics come as a reaction to the music and what I am feeling at the time, it’s super instinctual. I have just learnt to trust what comes out naturally, without over thinking it too much.

February is here, any releases so far this year that’ll still be in rotation come Decemeber?

I am really digging the Shanti Celeste & Hodge EP. Big fans of both of them and this collaboration hasn’t disappointed whatsoever!

What is your go-to track for getting people back from the smoking area?

Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters

Any shout outs / plugs?

DJing for Boukan Records at Rye wax on Friday. Amazing record label and crew! Super excited to play alongside them! My debut live show is taking place on Tuesday 19th February at VF Dalston with support from femme culture family members Ehua and Rupert Clervaux. Free entry, RSVP via

Thanks Elkka!


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