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In The Mix with... Slacky

Today we're taking a trip up the M1 to Leeds for the next instalment of our mix series. Number 13, unlucky for some, auspicious for others; Slacky steps up to flex his acid chops with this absolutely killer mix. From The Golden Filter to Kerrie via Acid Mt Fuji, it's one to sweat to! We also posed a few questions about why Leeds is full of weirdos, what's coming up next on his Space Ritual imprint and how Narr Radio came about.

Tell us about this mix… To us it sounds like a wonky acid club workout… but how would you recommend listening to it?

It's a basement lurk mix with some old and new favourites. Swimming goggles + choc ice for optimal listening but not essential.

How close does this sound hew to your label Space Ritual? The mix is on the harder edge of where I might end up on the right dancefloor. Most of this doesn’t have much in common with my labels output so far. A lot of Space Ritual releases have been in more of a psychedelic direction. I love it all though and usually keep an ear out for both ends and anything between. What’s forthcoming on the label? We’ve got a three track EP with Eva Geist & Chikiss due out soon. They are special recordings from when Galina & Andrea were both based in Berlin a few years ago. This was meant to come out last year but got caught up in the pressing delays. I’m excited for this one to finally land, should be out in May. There is also a double LP getting pressed which should hopefully be out by autumn. I’m not going to give much more away at this point but it’s a mega album and very happy to be featuring it on the label. Eyes peeled! What are your big tips for a cosmic night out in Leeds?

Outlaws Yacht Club would always be a great start. An excellent bar with good music and a HQ for a lot of characters. Cosmic Slop is a fun place to be and has the best Soundsystem I’ve ever heard. It’s always a treat to hear records on that, it can bring out parts of tracks you never knew were there.

You’re an integral part of Narr Radio. Can you tell us how it came about?

We started working on Narr Radio in 2020 at a point when there were less platforms in Leeds and nothing happening due to covid restrictions. Joe (Gill) saw this as an opportunity to round up a like-minded crew to get things going. We’ve kept an ear out for what we want on the station and it’s grown into something really special from there. It’s definitely been an eye-opener to find how much interesting stuff there is locally and further afield that was under our radar before.

Why is Leeds such a hotspot for weirdos and DIY/grassroots scenes?

We’ve got weirdos on tap on the Kirkgate Triangle. I’ve found Leeds to have a nice combination of enough going on but plenty of room to do your own thing. There has been a lot of creative people sticking around to make things happen. Having the right spaces for it has also kept things flowing nicely. What changes have you seen over the last two years with Covid and dancefloors, and what changes do you wish would happen with regards to accessibility? It’s an enter at your own risk situation which isn’t perfect, but I’m pleased to see parties happening again. Free and regular testing is something I definitely feel should be continuing to make people safer but it is what it is.

What was the last record you bought?

Houschyar - Lengua Universale (Mini-LP)

I bought this recently, great record! What DJ’s are you currently keeping a close eye on, and who are your Narr resident faves? Like if you were organising a massive party who are your headliners and who from the station is on support? (Oh and where are you having this party!) A lot of my favorites are on Narr and it’s hard to narrow down to a small list but here's a few: Jonny5, For Those We Trust, Izzy, Kirsty P, Anna Peaker, Ed Vector. Also make sure you check out Night Foundation’s Welsh Underground mix too. He weaved that together recently and it’s a big favourite. Agnes Aves, Andrea Ida, Lamusa II are also worth checking if you haven’t heard.

I would love to get any of the above to play at a party and the list goes on. Speaking of parties, we’ve got a Narr one happening Saturday, May 7th at Wharf Chambers. More info on that soon.

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