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Belgian-born Cabasa moved to London in 2017 and quickly found his way to Rye Wax becoming an integral part of our family. Heavily influenced by his own real-life family, including his dad who was once a staple on the Belgium New Beat scene and still plays out regularly now.


His “resultant cross-pollination of styles feels like a melting pot of influential UK labels old and new: Warp, On-U Sound, Good Looking Records, Hessle Audio or Livity Sound, the impression British music had made on this fledgling producer is undeniable.”

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A DJ who loves to make people dance, Marcy's DJ sets always aim to share with the crowd an eclectic selection of records. She promotes her own in south east London called Rotations, where the only plan is to have fun and play B2B with friends.


She kicked off her radio career with a monthly residency on Balamii Radio. Now based on Netil Radio every other month, she's normally joined by guests like Gigi FM, Truska or Cabasa but sometimes flying solo too. Always keen to meet new people for new adventures, you can find her behind the bar in the Rye Wax basement where she works with the best family ever.

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Formerly of Glasgow's Rubadub and now working in our record shop, Natalie moved to London to study Art Direction in 2017. She started Envy in 2018, a mix series and irregular party that seeks to bring together the quietly brilliant artists and DJs making and playing swung, soulful and epic electronic music today.


Her own dynamic sets have been making quite the impact on the scene with stand out appearances for Don’t Be Afraid and Uppers International.

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Bespoke vinyl cutting service from Johny Crellin-Davies and Ned Peglar (known in another part of his life as Medlar) are more often than not found tucked away in their south east London studio cutting the best local labels dubplates.


As well as hosting occasional workshops and panel talks, the duo sometimes DJ together playing out the best dubplates you've never heard.

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Peckham Cuts

Rachael cut her teeth in the glitter filled gay bars of east London, peddling spangly disco, chiffon infused Italo and the campest hi-nrg known to man via her very first party Les Poppeurs at world renowned LGBT venue Dalston Superstore. Now based with us, she's started throwing the secretly feminist rave Il Telefono, highlighting amazing non male DJs like DJ Bus Replacement Service, Luz (Room 4 Resistance/Berlin) and iona (Field Manuevers/UK). This commitment to true underground music combined with a lasting affection for the roots of dance music in queer disco informs all her DJ sets and radio shows

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London based DJ and producer Truska is carving a dynamic path for himself through the UK’s prolific techno scene. His DJ sets highlight his obvious love of mind bending percussion and journeys into the low end of the sonic spectrum, with his dark, swelling productions having been signed to such labels as Infinite Machine and Jelly Bean Farm. With a diverse arsenal of forthcoming material, and renowned proficiency behind the decks, he’s a booking soon to be on everyone’s lineups.

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Tom Unlikely has been playing records for many years as well as running various nights including Wavey Tones, Dubpressure and the Redstar Sessions. They are known for their unpredictable selections and enthusiastic dancing behind the decks, as well as their ability to stay up relatively unphased for long periods of time.


They currently manage Rye Wax, co-run the West Friends label, play the Rye Wax radio show on Balamii and are one of the bookers and residents at Fold. They don't like Mondays that much but they probably like them more than you do.

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Watson has been DJing since Year 11 and he just won't stop playing records one after the other. He also plays records and makes music with Chris Coupe as FYI Chris. On his own he's known to play anything from Juke, Bmore, very long minimal techno tunes, Baile funk and all of the punk and the waves. He's released music on Banoffee Pies He's played records in west places like Hammersmith Apollo, the Jackass 3D premiere, Glastonbury and Bestival, supporting top heads like A Guy Called Gerald, Tyree Cooper, and Avalon Emerson on the way!

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