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It's time again for the Rye Wax Listies.

Remember 2019? Yeah us neither...

Every year we ask staff to give us a rundown of their favourite tracks of the last 12 months, in no particular order, AKA the hardest task of the year. The majority of these are DJ-friendly, though that's not true of all. This list aims to be a list of personal favourites rather than a countdown of the hottest tunes of the year. We've witnessed these tunes enjoyed in many different contexts - by ravers in dilapidated former dairies, close friends muddying living room carpets the next morning (thanks guys) and by crowds at home here in the Rye Wax basement. Whilst we definitely do not remember all of these moments on the dancefloor (or 2019 in general), something of them lingers. We hope you enjoy listening to them!

Right - without getting too sentimental about it let's cut to the fucking chase :)



East Man - Eastern Code [Padre Himalaya]

This EP means business. Slick grime mutations that make people go crazy.

Philipp Otterbach - The Rest is Bliss EP [Knekelhuis]

Rich, captivating electronics from Salon resident Otterbach. I can't get enuff of Roamer pt.1.

Leonce - Penetration Testing [Morph Tracks]


Amazondotcom ‎– Mirror River [SUBREAL]

Bass, grime, dancehall and UKG are reshuffled and stripped back on this future-sounding EP!

Toma Kami ‎– Negative Extasy EP [Livity Sound]

Deftly coordinated dance cuts from Man Band boss Toma Kami.



Medlar & Controlled Weirdness - Lost At A Rave (Dubplate)

Ace record store day exclusive from face behind the counter and South East veteran who runs electro party Electric Sweat.

Mike 'Agent X' Clark - ‘The Heat (Peter Rocket Remix)’ [No Speakers]

Detroit house meets UK electro (kinda) in this remix from talent just getting going.

Hamilton Scalpel - ‘Uprated Nite Zone’ [Concrete Cabin]

160BPM breakbeat trance madness.

Chrissy - ‘U Can’t Stop’ [Chiwax]

Strictly an album track, but on an album released as three EPs on vinyl, so.... Ghetto-tech meets speed garage for fun times.

Local Group - ‘Inside Out’ [Secret Rave]

Shameless self-promotion, but definitely one of the tracks played most in 2019.



Dolo Percussion - Dolo 4

Desert Sound Colony - Can Can Wingspan

India Jordan - DNT STP MY LV

Instinct - Pistolwhip

Junior Loves - Banner/Nore



5ive – Planet Be Ep [Thinner Groove]

In her sets, Powder has a knack for playing the kind of deep, bubbling, playful house and techno that punctures the chin-stroke eyes down routine of club nights while still supremely accomplished. Her label, Thinner Groove, now seems like a perfect space for her to inject that same outlook with tracks from Likeminded friends and collaborators. 5ive (who you may know from stellar collaborations with Samo DJ (and Powder) on Trilogy Tapes and Public Possession, kicks off the label with four of the dreamiest, enveloping and accomplished dance tracks of the year. So much emotion packed inside the intricate loops, grooves and soundscapes it’s hard not to find something that resonates.

Looooong live Thinner Grooooooooove!

Tom Blip & Swordman – Kitala Beat [Blip Discs]

Born from a chance meeting at Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda and completed after a return visit from The Blip, Kitala Beat is an explosive ode to the London sounds of Funky and Grime, which turns out is a perfect beat for the flows of Kampala. Big and Naughty and 100% the type of musical cross pollination the 2010’s will be known for. Much love to Swordman who isn’t very well right now… He’s young and an incredible talent so from Rye Wax, we wish him a speedy recovery x

MC Pinty – City Limits – [Rhythm Section]

Pinty has been a staple of the Peckham scene since he was yay, high – Anyone who frequents the Gowlett or any number of haunts near Rye can attest to him being one of the realest. After realising they were neighbours, Bradley Zero did the only obvious thing and MC Pinty’s City Limits EP was born via Rhythm Section. Bouncing from UKG to woozy hip hop and house, Pintys flow is a laid-back antidote to the hectic reality of London, like people watching from a 343, missing your stop and walking through Nunhead Cemetery. Collaborations with other Southbound muso’s Maxwell Owin and DJ JD Sports make this one unmissable for anyone looking for the vibsiest of rides.

ANZ – Invitation 2 Dance [2 B Real Records] / India Jordan - DNT STP MY LV [Local Action

Cheating here but all for the love of the club. Two Releases from the Local Action camp (2 B Real run in Manchester alongside Finn McCorry), from Northern producer / dj’s destined for big MEGA things – ANZ and India Jordan both delivered the kind of day-glo all-out rave material you’d just as easily hear at a buzzin’ fairground (s/o Tropical Dancer, my preferred ride back in the day) as your favourite Boiler Room sets. Bound to wiggle the most stubborn of feet, and that’s a fact.

DJ Plead – Pleats Plead EP [Nervous Horizon]

DJ Plead, a name whispered on the one’s and zeroes of online radio more than maybe anyone else this year, crafted a precise EP of water-tight percussion so versatile you can expect to hear it dropped in sets as easily between grime as whiplash-inducing acid techno. Wearing all his cultural influences on his record sleeve guarantee this EP to age as well as Freddie Gibbs wine collection. TOP!



5ive ‎– Planet Be EP [Thinner Groove]

Kutiman Feat. Melike Sahin ‎– Sakla Beni [Siyal Music]

Today You, Tomorrow Me ‎– Nutty Squid / 13th Door [Phatwood]

[No preview]

Organizatsiya ‎– Strane Lezioni [Besoins Premiers]

General P.D.C & Beesmunt Soundsystem ‎– Amazon Dub [Notte Brigante]



Jai Paul - Do You Love Her Now / He [XL]

John Daly - Safe EP [Craigie Knowes]

Ejeca - Dance Trax Vol 18 [Dance Trax]

Joy Overmono - Bromley / Still Moving [XL]

Donald Dust - Fluorescent Music [Claptrap]



J Chrysalis - A Kind Robin (Blank Mind)

Felix Leifur - Pinot 1985 (Dirt Crew)

Martyn - Odds Against Us (Ostgut Ton)

Piezo - A Touch Of (Wisdom Teeth)

Florist - 4 Letter Word (Trilogy Tapes)

Up next... PART II: ALBUMS

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