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For Your Consideration: Cabasa's New Year Picks

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Rip your new year’s resolutions up into a cloud of nihilistic confetti, chums. It’s almost February so that means we can all forget the regretfully sensible ideas we told ourselves at the turn of 2K19 and start concentrating on our game plan for the fast-approaching Stockpiling Season.

Since it seems no one in the world has a clue what is actually happening anywhere at all right now, it’s entirely possible you may have missed some essential new musical releases, so we asked someone who ALWAYS pays attention, the talented selector and producer, Cabasa, AKA Belgium’s biggest export since De Bruyne AKA Kevin Da Barman AKA DJ_chonkmemesupreme69 to run us through what rare digital delights have given him solace thus far in 2019.

Mamboussa - Swan - [re]sources

Montpellier producer Mamboussa delivering a real treat on French bass stalwarts [re]sources label. All bass bases covered here with spacious shades of many global club genres, put together with a comforting level of craft.

Beau Wanzer - It's a Holiday [digi release]

The thunderous frenzy of toms, robotic Gort-esque vocals and churning saw waves, this previously only available on a trademark Wanzer limited 7” is now unleashed in a buckshot of one’s and zero’s to anyone with a playlist in need of a kick up the arse.

General Ludd - Owl [Don’t Be Afraid]

Out at the tail end of last year, Don’t Be Afraid continue their enviable run of form with this quasar-like banger from General Ludd – One for booky rooms and big rigs for sure.

Sam Kidel - Live @ Google Data Center [Silicon Ear]

Incredible concept from obviously the coolest teacher at his school, Mr. Kidel performs a type of sonic system penetration through spatially mapping Google’s maximum security data centre and feeding the resulting acoustic environment through his various generative patches. Fantastically eerie, Sprawl-inspired soundscapes.

Dave Aju – Telekuneko – Off Weed or Sane [Accidental Records]

A lil tropical ripper from a December release, Dave Aju comes with the drum machine chug perfect for those wiggly 5am flexes.

Thanks to Cabasa for his picks, check him down at Rye Wax soon, but for now, like him on fb and here’s a dope recent mix he did for Test FM! click here or listen below


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