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For Your Consideration: Desert Sound Colony's Top Five Trancey Techno Bangers

Desert Sound Colony and his eight-limbed Holding Hands compadre's have been servicing dance floors from Peckham to P-Bar with wiggy pounders and cheeky v pumpers, with every release rarely on our shelves for very long. With that kinda curation we were eager to hear what little treats DSC had to whet our whistle before Saturdays party

Last time Holding Hands did a day-party down in the basement it was a complete road block. In fact, on seeing how lit Copeland Park was, Tyler the Creator turned up but wasn't allowed in coz he left his passport in the hotel room and looked under to the bouncers because he was wearing purple socks and a red and yellow helicopter hat. Suffice to say, he missed a really good one, so did a lot of people! So this Saturday it's a do-over, and Tyler if you're coming - don't fuckin post about it mate pls x


Mixed Emotions - Pure Impulse Project aka Erik Van Den Broek

Thumping kicks, trancey stabs, rollin rhodes rhythms. What's not to like? This one is a tad on the housey side but when clocking in at 137bpm I think it qualifies hehe.


Deep City - Basic Bastard aka Orlando Voorn

This one is rollin' as fuck. Big stabs and that delayed bass line that's flying all over the place. Bang bang! I heard on the grapevine this one is getting reissued as a bootleg soon as well. Keep your eyes peeled.


A Century Of Beats (Pleasure Zone Mix - Joy Kitikonti)

Bit more on the techno side but still kickin' with those stabs. Peak time as they come...


Your Mind - Sandoz

Richard H. Kirk on fine form as always. Serious grooves for the late night sessions. Definitely one to lose your mind to.


Storm - Storm

Unadulterated fun in a track. That build and final drop is an absolute night maker. Absolutely massive tune.

Nice one to DSC! Holding Hands Day Party for The Future Music Foundation is this Saturday from Midday 'til 11pm with sets and appearances from Breaka, Night Owl, Tape Fear, Emmy Bacharach, Will Hofbauer and Guava. The label are in the process of creating some exciting community outreach projects in the coming months, all donations from the party will go towards a fund to help support up and coming producers buy necessary hardware and software to kick start their careers.

No advance tickets. Just come on down and pay whatever you want on the door.

If you would like to donate now, send donations via paypal to and specify it is for the Holding Hands Charity fund.


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