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For Your Consideration: MLE's Yorkshire Gems

Leeds has always inspired musical innovation, with as many legendary parties in houses as in clubs, but not since the days of Lucas Radebe and Eirik Bakke has the eyes of the continent been as fixated on the capital of God’s own country – musically at least (Parties like Cosmic Slop have successfully cracked the Cocoon comedown, labels like Hessle Audio and Holding Hands have divined their sound palettes from nights in’t town, and with the invaluable Tribe Records reopening last year to add to the bevvy of other digging established servicing the scene, the city is buzzing.

On Friday, we welcome the venerable Happa, producer of the moment 96 Back and the one and only MLE (all products of the Yorkshire sesh) when our friends from the Rhythm Section sister label, International Black come down for their first shindig. We got MLE to share a few tunes from the county that gave us Cat’s Eyes to get us in the mood.

Iration Steppas - Kilimanjaro

It would be interesting to see how northern sound system culture would have progressed without Iration Steppas taking the lead almost 30 years ago. Any leeds affiliated act would name check Subdub, their night at the legendary West Indian Centre, as a critical moment in musical education. Indispensable vibes.

LFO – LFO (Leeds warehouse mix)

“HOW DO YOU SPELL LEEDS?” Asks one youtube commenter, “TWO E'S AND LSD!” is the obvious answer and in 1990, a Leeds/Sheffield link up would result in a song so drenched in the sweat of countless dish-eyed casualties that it’s now the unofficial anthem of the St. Johns volunteers tent. If this isn’t played on Friday you’re probably not in Rye Wax.

Happa – Bring It Back

With clever sampling, bleep vibes and now-trademark raw drum tracks, Happa’s insanely accomplished 2012 debut on Church came out when he was still doing his GCSE’s, much to the shock of older producers. Since then, he has gone on to produce for Trim, release on Opal Tapes and even caught the ears of David Byrne. Usually for such a young act we’d say he’s going places, but Happa has already got the fucking t-shirt.

The Unofficial Yorkshire Anthem

A video that exemplifies that chuffin’ Yorkshire charm. It may not be as sunny as the south, but as long as there’s tea and beer, it’ll be reet.

Extra Discogs belters

Nice one to MLE, catch her alongside Happa and 96 Back this Friday!

Presale tickets for Friday have SOLD OUT. There will be very LIMITED tickets OTD so come down early to avoid any disappointment. Speak soon x


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