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For Your Consideration: Lou Karsh Picks Ten Percy's from his Collection

Ahead of tomorrow night's X-Kalay x Haŵs show, we caught up with Melbourne native and primo Acid aficionado Lou Karsh who, when not smashing out intense analogue live sets, splits time between running his own label, graphic design, moonlighting as Reptant and extensive digging in ze crates.

We wanted a little taster of what to expect tomorrow, and Lou kindly said he'd share ten percy's he's picked up over the years! Over to Mr. Karsh!

1. 214 - Exit 32 [Klakson]

Hard to decide between Snow Banks and Synthesisers Made of Paper, both beautiful and technical masterpieces. Was gifted a copy by the man himself at a show!

2. Arovane & Christian Kleine - Yeer / Disper

[Awkward Silence Recordings]

Quirky 7” that comes in a baggy, The Arovane cut is a great down time home listening track. Dusty IDM, the drum programming and pads are super inspiring.

3. Friction & Spice - Pure / Journees [Cosmic Records]

First time I heard this was when S.O.N.S played it at About Blank in Berlin, It went absolutely off. I had to get the ID and while asking him a friend generously offered to give me a copy as they had a spare! Still owe him big for that!

4. Qnete & Carmel - The Trifecta EP [QC Records]

One of the coolest and most recent records i have. The Trifecta is extra special though, a long journey of almost 10 minutes with three different sections which seem to come together towards the end… the trifecta!

5. The Kosmik Kommando - 4 Tabs EP

[Furthur Electronix]

Really cool to own this rare Mike Dred release. Gangster raw acid tracks, love Chase The Laser and Down on Marne Avenue for separate reasons/moods.

6. Plug - Drum ’n’ Bass For Papa [Blue Angel Records]

This Album is insane from Luke Vibert, I picked it up in japan 4 or so years ago on the cheap and only appreciate it more with time. Maker Of All is my tip, psych out IDM/dnb.

7. Mutagenic Mind - Terminal Dawn [Kromode Records]

Some super old school Acid/electro from 1995 from an artist from Melbourne. Yet to own such an early example of the stuff I'm into from my hometown that made it on wax.

8. Plastique De Rêve - The Sounds You Hear

[Turbo Recordings]

Picked this up for only a few dollars. The unsuspecting gem is the B2, absolutely banging raw acid electro sound.

9. The Source Experience - Zyklus [R & S Records]

Zyklus part 2 is a really cool electro/broken drum-bass track across ambient textures. Robert Leiner ambient sound with a more dance focussed attitude.

10. Yantra - Goatshaver [Music Man Records]

Long emotional/euphoric electro builder over 9 minutes. Classic 808 drums, big pads and sick bleeps. Sounds like that would have been big from on UR. Great feeling.. the other track is also super cool techno track with a shitload of groove. - L.K

THANKS Lou! Lou Karsh plays Rye Wax tomorrow ( 24th May) alongside No Moon and Rudolf C, and the X-Kalay and Haŵs familia



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