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For Your Consideration: Inner Totality’s Magic Moments

To kick off 2019, IT is back with the Common Edits king Canuck and dancefloor druid - Dane. Friday is sure to be fuego, last time he rolled through was a real viiiibe, but don’t take our word for it - just check Dane’s Dekmantel podcast for a lil’ aperitif. IT has thrown up more than it’s share of basement highlights down the years as well as at other grotty spots London-wide, so we thought it’s high time we ask main IT guru Rónán to share some of his personal magic moments from past parties.

Bell Towers

Rohan knocked it out the park by opening with this ace at Rye Wax. It’s a wonderful ear worm that refuses to leave your head despite two years of trying to shake it out. Help.

Yu Su

It’s 6am at Unit 18. We’re deep in a b2b2b but we’ve lost Samo so things are getting spooky. Yu steps up and takes us to that space beyond the twilight zone.


Masterclass presentation from the man they call Joe. Special memories of the guy blending this family favourite into Bullion’s Blue Pedro.

Chima Hiro

Highlight from the Lisbon DJs super set last month. The distortion-soaked guitar solos might not be your cup of coffee, but for us they tick all the right boxes.

DJ Fett Burger

A genuine Fett moment, and the best end to a Rye Wax meeting for sure. Deep sunshine.


The Wizard that always delivers. We witnessed Dane harness thunder, lighting and this timeless Maurice Fulton cracker at Rye Wax in Jan last year. Would be lovely to see you on Friday for his return : )


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