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For Your Consideration: La Do Picks Metal.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

People often ask us how we go about booking in acts for Rye Wax. Let me tell you right now it's a long, arduous and generally thankless task. We scour the local scene, listening to endless mix series from blogs we rate, trawl through our inbox past the reminders that S Club 3 are back on tour, It's not like we just book the first good thing we hear on the radio that day...

Anyway, we found out about the genre-hopping selector La Do via his fantastic netil radio show, which was on in the background at work one day. Skipping between Holly Herndon, Tool, Sleep and F.U.S.E., naturally piqued our interests so we messaged Miro to ask who this La Do was and whether they would want to come get grungy in the basement. To get you familiar with La Do's M.O. we've asked him to serve up a few musical aperitif's. Take it away La Do.

Earth - The Colour of Poison

This track really means business. The weighting is perfect and it steps through phrases so fervently. 

Godflesh - Like Rats

A visceral one that has spawned a lot. You'll want to roar along to this.

Grief - Rhinoceros

The changes in style and tempo compounded with the screams and drones really do a lot for me when I'm walking through the city.

Les Rallizes Dénudés - The Last One

Sink in for the twenty minute lo-fi anthem of depression. Absolute brutal beauty and must be listened in its entirety. Frankly, the demo version is much better than any other in spite of the poor production quality.

Theatre of Tragedy - A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal

A fantasy track for me and my dreams of living in medieval Norway. La Do plays records in the basement next Tuesday, the 19th of November, 6-11PM - Free entry.

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