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For Your Consideration: Perko Picks Five

The summer is almost over. All trainers now destroyed by a thousand festivals; some wet, some dry and some oddly cancelled. The skyline hangouts of Peckham will soon shed their bars and lights to become regular rooftops once more and Rye Wax turned five years young and is gearing up to start at the Brit prep-school with a view to study the new course “Online Playlist Curation 101”. Also we’re forgetting stuff that makes us sad, like the queen going old-school, OG’s leaving, oh, and the planet burning and stuff - but whatever... Like we said, the summer is almost over so everything should be fine afterwards. 

 So with the mercury rising high for (possibly) the last time in 2019, we thought we’d catch up with an OG friend of the shop, Perko, to see which tunes have been giving his sets a little temperature bump.  Perko was actually one of the very first in-store guests we had down in the basement waaaaay back in 2014, when the booth was to the side and the system wasn't even in it’s final form yet. A lot’s changed with Perkz too, and after a timely move from Scotland to much-popping Copenhagen and an incredible EP on Numbers under his belt (as well as some vibesy upcoming jaunts in London) we thought it best to ask Perko what sounds he’s down with in here’s five!

Hessian - Gamba

Sick new label. Check out the rest! They just released a compilation to celebrate 1 year in the biz.

James vs The Sabres Of Paradise - JAM J

Andrew Weatherall turning James into a kickless 909 chugger? Heat. 

PLO Man - TX-i

I love this track so much. Works in any occasion.


My friend recently explained to me how to properly pronounce their name. Not nearly as fun now. Great record though.

Andrea Parker & David Morley - Game Over

Picked this up recently in Copenhagen digging with my friend Parker. Sounds super.

NICE ONE PERKO! Catch you soon ;)

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