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For Your Consideration: Strum Chuggin’ in the Outer Zones with MattMattMatt

One of the newest parts of the furniture, Matt(MattMatt) has previously orbited various scenes since the late 90s. With a massive appreciation of anything a little wiggy, he was part of the Dirty Little Secret [DLS] crew, which has since morphed into a little Sheffield spot you might have heard about. Responsible for raves with supreme chug chuckers such as Smagghe and Weatherall, we thought it high time for some of MattMattMatt’s preferred party poison.

Dunkeltier – The Blade

Dunkeltier does what he does best... melt the minds of unsuspecting Shazam lords, picking them off one by one with tripped-out background vocals and the unrelenting smack of smelt-grade drums. TIP!

Niv Ast - 'One Hundred Cats' [Ombra INTL 008]

This slow burning builder comes from the Berlin based Ombra International collective – and if you ever needed to keep the pot simmering while you find the right herb to finish things off, this’ll do it.

Drugface - Wake Up Call

A wake up call this is not. Drugface jumps off Willy Wonka’s wonky boat, using everlasting noz-crackers as a propulsion system. The sound of sliding off the sofa.

Golden Bug & In Fields – Bones (Fantastic Twins Remix)

MattMattMatt says “Whole release here is amazing, difficult to pick a fave, but I thought I'd give a nod to Fantastic Twins as she's done so much over last couple of years that I've loved...”

48 Cameras - Bloodsucker

And to end, a real belter from the Stroom stable. Sprawling, Kafkaesque spoken word tumbles over constructed atmosphere and tense sonic debris, taking you further down the hole, wherever that may spew you out. Big uppeth to MattMattMatt for the picks. Speak soon everybody x


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