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In The Mix with... Nightwave

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

For the next instalment in our mix series, we're delighted to have something a little different courtesy of Glasgow based rave queen Nightwave. But with raves on hiatus, she's turned her attention elsewhere for the moment, and delivered us this "journeying playlist". She was also kind enough to took a moment to answer our questions about her holistic therapy service and more...

Thanks so much for this mix, it is really different from your usual fare! What made you decide to go down this path for us?

I’ve done so many club style mixes over the years so I wanted to do something different and perhaps useful for those planning a psychedelic journey, ceremony, meditation or just want to zone out for a bit. I included some of my favourite ambient and atmospheric tracks but also some jazz and Indigenous music from Peru and Brazil.

In addition to your music career, you also run a holistic health service in Glasgow. Why do you think more and more people are turning to Indigenous therapies right now?

It’s a combination of people losing trust in the mainstream medical system and lack of support, particularly for mental health issues, and these traditional medicines growing in popularity via social media for mostly the right reasons - they work and there are thousands of people sharing their stories and leading by example. The shamanic way of healing looks at the person as a whole and includes nature in its medicine system whereas the Western medicine focuses mainly on the system and physical aspects of disease and most people have sadly severed their connection to nature. The medicines and methods from the Amazon have been around (and thrived) for way longer than the system we have in place now.

What environment would you recommend listening to this mix in?

Somewhere lovely, cozy and safe whether it’s in nature or at home.

What are your three basic psycare tips to someone starting to experiment with hallucinogens, whether recreationally or therapeutically?

I always feel these tools are primarily therapeutic and sacred so they should be treated with care and respect but if you do choose to use them recreationally (and outside your home) make sure to educate yourself well in advance. Safety and harm reduction should always be first.

The classic advice for these types of journeys centers on set (intention, expectations) and setting (environment, comfort, safety, music, lighting...) but I would also advise having someone hold space for you if it’s your first time and thinking about the integration after. It’s one thing having these incredible experiences, and another making sense of them and fitting them into your daily life.

How does this channel of your professional life inform what you do musically?

My life has completely changed in the last four years since I’ve gone deeper on this path, and my initial thought was that I will have to drop electronic music and touring as I couldn't see how I could make both of these worlds work, but I realise that it’s perfect exactly where I am between the two of them as I’m able to share information and awareness and maybe help some people that would otherwise not know about it. I’m so passionate about this and aware that I often resemble that mad Pepe Silvia meme explaining all this shit to people but I don’t care as it’s helped me so much. Ultimately I’m a much better and happier person because of this work.

What attracts you to the music of the Huni Kuin people?

I connected with the Huni Kuin (a tribe based mainly in Brazilian Amazon) through healing ceremony work and particularly my friends Kawa (Indigenous Huni Kuin) and Veronica who is an anthropologist and has lived with them in the rainforest for a long time. Music is extremely important in their daily lives and spirituality and they have a famous saying ‘so alegria’ (only joy) which is reflected in their songs and belief that healing comes through joy. I think that’s so beautiful and a massive privilege for the indigenous people to share this with us. They are the last precious link to our ancient past and what it truly means to be human and connected to nature and spirit. This is why it’s so important to do all we can to protect and support them. The situation in Brazil is extremely serious right now so I would urge people to look into it and see if they can offer any support. This can include avoiding certain foods that contribute to deforestation or boycotting certain banks that support all sorts of criminal activities in the Amazon.

Can you tell us a bit about your Love Amazonia project?

Love Amazonia is a project started by Veronica and myself to support the Huni Kuin. We released our first V/A compilation in September which was very successful and helped to support the village through the challenges of the pandemic. We also have an Etsy shop where we sell Indigenous artists’ crafts and jewellery (mainly by women who we supply the materials for) and they receive all the proceeds from the sales. We also teamed up with the amazing Good Morning Tapes who stock some crafts on their website. We’re super grateful for any contributions and support!

Follow Nightwave on Twitter and on Soundcloud.

Visit her website Sacred Forest Healing.

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