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In The Mix with... Noah Tucker

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

For this next mix, we've looked amongst some of the fresher faces coming up in the ranks, and who better to deliver a sick mix than yung Noah Tucker. A name sure to be on all our lips across the rest of the year and into 2022 as he not only kick starts his brand new label but toils away behind the scenes working with your favourite producers on their records. Check the mix below with the best funky, electro, jit and more...

Describe your mix for us! What’s the ideal scenario for listening to it?

I chose to make something that showed the direction of my label Ulterior Motives. I’ve included the first release, future releases and a few edits and club tools I’ve made recently. I initially wanted to do a label focus but because the first release has just come out, I had to take the mix down a slightly different route.

The ideal scenario for listening is the first Friday or Saturday after the 19th July, surrounded by your friends, ready to go out properly for the first time in ages! You’re part of the Kindred and Don’t Be Afraid family <3 Can you talk us through how that came about? I’ve been involved with Kindred since the very first event in 2019, helping set up and promote our parties. As a resident I have been on the lineup for our five solo parties, our Latitude Festival appearance and the 10 Years Of Don’t Be Afraid Party (each time B2B with Ill Evans). I can’t wait until Kindred is back in the clubs again. I also sort the audio side of things for Kindred Radio, a station we run every Tuesday from the Kindred shop in Farringdon! I met Benji, the head of Don’t Be Afraid, at the first Kindred party. He later played at a couple of our other parties and when we hosted a stage at Latitude, and quickly became a good friend and part of the Kindred family. I started working with Benji at Limehouse Studios over the first lockdown, mixing and mastering lots of exciting projects including the 10 Years of DBA compilation and the newest Wheelman EP. It’s been a great experience!

Big shout out to Jojo, the rest of the Kindred team (Scar & Louis) and Benji! Congrats on launching your label, Ulterior Motives! What made you wanna start your own label? And what do you think sets yours apart in what is an increasingly crowded field? I’ve always liked the word ‘Ulterior’; the idea of something hidden and existing behind the scenes that creates a sense of mystery.

My production and DJ influences lie in the electro and UK techno scene. Over lockdown, I realised that these sounds weren’t exactly what I was looking for outside a club and wanted to hear, play and produce something slightly different. The plan for Ulterior Motives is to showcase sounds in the realms of footwork, juke, jit, ghettotech with some bmore and Jersey flavours. I want my label to spread the energetic sounds of these genres and introduce them to a UK audience. Right now everyone is talking about the “2021 Vinyl Crisis”, with crazy delays on everything at the pressing plants. What made you want to do a vinyl label in this climate? There’s something very magical about having an edit on a hand-stamped white label with very little information surrounding it and I wanted to recreate some of that magic with this release. Facilitating all the distribution has been a great insight into the record label business and I’m excited for what the future holds for Ulterior Motives. Why did you want DJ Persuasion as the first release? I had planned to release two of my own tunes as the first Ulterior Motives release but when I heard Bone Thugz-N-Persuasion for the first time, I knew it had to be first. It’s such a strong track and will really get things going in the right direction with a sound I love.

What’s your secret fave spot to go digging? I might be biased but I cannot recommend going down to the Kindred store in Farringdon enough- the selection is great! If you were planning a massive rave at Rye Wax who would you be booking and why? What would you want people to take away from your party? I’m a real sucker for the type of parties we were doing with Kindred which had a family vibe. A line up of close friends and skilled DJs always helps bring a similar atmosphere. I’d want to give the crowd the feeling that they’re in a vibrant, safe and fun environment and leave them satisfied and keen for the next party. As events are slowly restarting, what are your hopes for raves after this long a break? My hope is that the industry really uses this as a chance to reset from the larger club scene to the smaller, more local scene. There’s no need to see a lineup of the same white, cisgender and male names over and over again. I’d love to see more diversity and promotors selecting lineups that reflect the music they want to hear and the DJs they know will put on a good party, not just the names that easily sell tickets. Our industry has been severely damaged by this pandemic and the government’s lack of concern for what we do. However, I believe we can bounce back with the reasons we fell in love with the nightlife industry taking centre stage. Nights that are safe, inclusive and fun.

Follow Noah on Soundcloud.

Like Ulterior Motives on Facebook to follow news on forthcoming releases.

And catch Noah playing b2b with Ill Evans at Latitude Festival this weekend or at Leeds Festival on August 26th.

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