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The Lisities continue with the best long play records rinsed by the basement staff in 2019.

You know the score. Music to get ready to. Music to cook to. Albums to cry to. Albums to try and fix a boiler to. More guff about good stuff.


Various - Weaponise Your Sound - Weaponise Your Sound

(Technically a comp but shhhh...) new Optimo sub-label puts together a shed-load of some of the most forward-thinking new music makers, from Sue Zuki to Cucina Povera, C.A.R., Penelope Trappes and Zoe McPherson. Very highly recommended!

UCC Harlo - United - Subtext Recordings

Medieval and contemporary electronic music are united, deconstructed and reshuffled in this outstanding modern classical LP on Subtext.

Tribe of Colin - Age of Aquarius - Honest Jon's Records

Ofc, this album is set to be a classic. Next!

Pataphysical - Periphera - 12th Isle

The Glasgow boys pull another good'un out of the bag; this one's a fully-formed long-player of deep and blissful experimental electronic sounds crafted from Pataphysical's acclaimed live show. One listen will have you fully immersed, promise.

BORA - Noyée - First Terrace

I really love this label. They're not afraid to release anything, and it's demonstrated across their varied output - this ranges from a cassette selection of the sounds of street preachers, to EPs by established experimental artists like K. Leimer and Anna Homler of Breadwoman. Multi-disciplinary artist Pauline Canavesio conjures up a state of other-worldliness for this excellent debut LP.


Galcher Lustwerk - Information

Golden Filter - Autonomy

Seahawks - Eyes Of The Moon

Madlib & Freddie Gibbs - Bandana

Luke Vibert - Valvable


Giant Swan - Giant Swan

Managing to distill the frantic energy of one of the best live sets you're ever likely to see is no mean feat. The angry, loud, no fuckin' fucks of an album we all need right now.

Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops

Formed via the collision of two Melbourne art-punk bands (Drones and High Tension), Tropical Fuck Storm's second LP sounds like a surreal musical Venn-diagram, taking the self reflection of bands like the National and Nick Cave with melted outback riffs sounding like The Fall knee-deep in a mescaline fueled Desert Sessions. The definitive sound of all algorithms imploding at once.

Ari Lennox – Shea Butter Baby

Lyrically on par with anyone else this year - Ari Lennox touches not only on age-old topics of making love (leaving shea butter on pillows or trash cans…) and loss (trying to smoke the memory of a lover away with purple haze) but also the feeling of having a new place all to yourself, and while she’s at it breathing new life into the booty call song. This album is invigorating, so densely packed with clever word play and imagery that you can’t listen just the once. Bump this again summer 2020 and it’ll be as fresh as a new apartment.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana

Like a finely oaked claret, Madlib and Freddie Gibbs continued collaboration has softened from a deep crimson tone to a lighter shade of brick-red, and the results are so complex, yet refined it’s sure to leave any pallet tingling long after the last sip. This whole album is a new world item, produced entirely In a Brazilian hotel room (with ‘nuff tipple) and handed over to the most on-point MC on the planet right now (and cooler than a millionaires chateau cellar) Freddie Gibbs. Drink. It. In.

Solange – When I Get Home

While her last gift A Seat At The Table was a standing ovation to inspirational Black Excellence and holding heads (not hair) firmly high, When I Get Home feels more like a hushed discussion on the importance of keeping it real. Solange lowers her intensity to profound effect, with gentle reminders of empowerment, laced over beats of catchy simplicity. Whilst Bey was busy singing Disney tunes in the uncanny Serengeti, Solange was laying down the template for a generation who may think a little outside the box…


Idjut Boys ‎– By The Way - You Idjut - Salsoul CD

Andrew Pekler ‎– Sounds From Phantom Islands - Faitiche

Bufiman ‎– Albumsi - Dekmantel



Barker - Utility (Ostgut Ton)

Eliphino - Breaking Up Is Hard (Secretsundaze)

Joy O - Slipping (Hinge Finger)


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